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Oloyin beans have a naturally sweet taste when cooked. It is suitable for making beans porridge, Akara and moi moi.

Its light brown color differentiates it from other varieties of beans

Beans (Oloyin) another staple food from Nigeria.  Also, wildly cultivate in the Northern parts of Nigeria. Our beans are carefully picked, cleaned, and packaged.  We can boost for having the best Oloyin.

We have a long-standing relationship and understanding with our farmers.  They are also there for the procurement of beans.

Our African Tropical Beans are healthy. They have no weevils and harmful germicides residue.  They are low in moisture.

Our Beans are cleaned of stones, dust.  All foreign agents are removed before packaging.

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Our (Oloyin) are very in protein. They are a healthy source protein for healthy eating. Therefore, high nutritional values. They are high in fiber. They are cheap and also very affordable for most families.

Our (Oloyin) can be cooked alone and served with any soup/sauce of your choice.

Our (Oloyin) can be prepared as porridge directly or as a mixture. Let us share a recipe with you.